Our Mission

Founding Principle

The South Bay Police and Fire Memorial Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing financial support for families of fallen or disabled police and fire personnel from the nine South Bay cities. The Foundation’s vision includes fundraising events that are used to create a solid financial base to provide support to Police Officers, Firefighters, and their families when they find themselves in an unexpected time of need.

Our Public Safety Personnel are the Mission

How we help

In the event of an urgent need, injury or fatality within our nine South Bay cities, the Foundation is able to immediately release funds to help the family in need. The speed of our response is what sets us apart from State or POA/FFA support.

Who we are

The South Bay Police and Fire Memorial Foundation is made up of various chiefs and POA/FFA presidents from the South Bay independent public safety community.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of community and city leaders who care deeply about their communities and strive to insure the families of our members know the Foundation exists to support them in their time of need.

Capt. Vince Osorio



Derrick Abell

MBPD (Retired)

Past President

Capt. Luke Hellinga


President Elect

Capt. Steve Sprengel



Sgt. Mark Valdivia



Lt. Aaron Corkins


Director of Benefits

McKenna Wilson

HR Manager

Director at Large

Capt. Tim Behen


Director at Large

Mike Mitchell

ESPD (Retired)

Director at Large

Paula Packwood

Director of Fund Development

Daniel Kerr

Running Point

Capital Advisors

Director of Investments

Greg McMullin

MBPD (Retired)

Director of Operations